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Traveling to

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Travel is magical, but bringing people in for your wedding can be complicated. Our in-house travel department works behind the scenes to make everything easy for your guests, from booking air travel and hotels to ground transportation and special requests.

Meet Our Travel Manager

Brian Leahy

Brian Leahy spent 15 years working and traveling as a photographer in the events industry before he started his own travel company, in conjunction with Virtuoso. He understands weddings and guest management, and serves as our in-house master handling group travel logistics for our clients and their guests.

Destinations Around the Globe

It’s not a wedding without the people you love in attendance, be it 50 or 500. We specialize in travel logistics, and are able to assist in all aspects, from finding your perfect venue to negotiating room and air travel, booking guests, sourcing concessions, arranging private transportation, and handling any special requests or needs along the way.
Our services include:

▸ Venue selection and research
▸ Hotel blocks and group rates
▸ Contract negotiation for event space
▸ Balancing food and beverage minimums
▸ Private chef coordination
▸ Vendor travel assistance
▸ Group incentives and concessions, based on items negotiated
▸ Air travel planning, commercial to private

▸  Ground transportation, group and private
▸  Group activities, touring and excursions, group and private
▸  Sourcing and shipping of gifts
▸  Customs and visa assistance, as appropriate
▸  Booking and managing travel
▸  24/7 emergency assistance for travel mishaps
▸  Travel and event insurance
▸  Wedding websites for ease of travel planning & attendance

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